Monday, April 29, 2013

Malarky vs Airport Laziness

For the most part I love people.

Even the annoying ones, the loud ones, the quiet ones, the ones that think they're funny but they aren't. I love them all.

But I hate a lot of human behavior.

Exhibit A: I'm in the Baltimore Maryland Airport. All of the convenient outlet benches are taken (by people without electronics of course) so I'm sitting on the floor next to a pole with an outlet in it.

"This swivel chair is the perfect place to read my book" -everyone in the airport 
 There are about three feet between the pole and a row of chairs, and me and my stuff take up most of that room.
But does that stop people?
They say, "oh, I don't want to walk an extra 10 feet around the chairs to get over to the window so I guess I'll just STEP OVER this girl and take the chance that her head doesn't bang up my laptop case."

You could say that airports bring out the best in me.

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