Monday, April 15, 2013

Challenge Accepted: Hiking the Hoodoos

There are a lot of liars out there.

Disneyworld is not the happiest place on earth.
The best part of waking up is brushing your teeth, not Folgers in your cup.
Yes I can eat just one potato chip.

Don't be fooled--these people hate their lives.
But I am here to tell you that there is one thing in this crazy world that tells the truth.

The Queen's Trail/Navajo Loop in Bryce Canyon truly is the most beautiful 3-mile hike in the world.

I went to the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago and stopped by Bryce Canyon. We didn't have time to go down the amphitheater, but I was intrigued by the "Hike the Hoodoos Challenge". The free newsletter said that the Hike the Hoodoos Challenge was half scavenger hunt half hike with a special prize at the end. I searched the internet for at least three minutes trying to find clues to the "special prize" with no prevail. I promised myself that I would do the challenge and post a picture of the prize. Someday.

So I finally returned and hiked the hoodoos. We followed the signs down into the red towering rocks. The trail was steep down but mostly flat at the bottom, meandering through pine trees and tumbling scree. We took selfies at special markers and anticipated the special prize.

After two hours of being struck with wonder, we returned to the Visitor's Center and talked to the working park ranger:
"I completed the Hike the Hoodoos Challenge."
"So...what do I do now?"
"Do you have any pictures?"
And I emphatically showed her my selfies. And she then handed me my prize. I felt like a hipster walking around with my prize--a seasoned hiker, a Bear Grylls-apprentice, a Steve Irwin tributee. But in a much larger sense, a poser. Because I am no where close to any of those things. But that just gives you an idea of how incredible the prize is.

Google image woman who also felt like a poser
Final word: I know that this is the most beautiful hike in the world because I've hiked every hike in the world. Ok that's a lie. But I did promise I would reveal the secret prize. Ok that's a lie too.

I guess I'm just like everyone else.

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