Sunday, April 21, 2013

An Inspiration To Us All

I love Yahoo News, because it features a wide variety of badly edited articles that cover everything you never dreamed of wanting to know. For instance, "Degrees you can earn on your lunch break," "Best career paths for women" (the tagline is "Two jobs allow you to spend all day online" and the article doesn't really explain why any of these jobs would be great for women specifically) and "Charlize Theron's red carpet fun with Clinton." A few months ago, Yahoo News introduced me to Obie, the obese dachshund. He used to live with an elderly couple that fed him all the time, and when they died he was rescued at 77 lbs. This is what he looked like:
Here is a beached whale for comparison
His new owner made a Facebook page for him where you could follow his weight loss, and the posts are some of my favorite things on my news feed (only rivaled by the capybara I am friends with).
His current profile picture
Anyway, Obie has been doing really well with diet and exercise and now he looks really skinny from on top! And I am just so proud of him, because life has got to be hard when you have no idea why people stopped feeding you treats all the time and made you go for walks, but he is so happy! He's not my dog, nor do I have any personal connection to him, but I am so proud! 

More inspiring than Oscar Pistorius. Especially since he shot his girlfriend.

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