Saturday, March 9, 2013

Until I Dream of Flight

I had two dreams about birds this week.

1.  I was back home in my bed. There was a fan above me, and my mom came to tuck me in. We looked up and in the fan a family of sparrows had built a nest. We marveled at the sight, and then decided that tomorrow we would have to take the nest outside because there weren't any worms in the house. The next morning I woke up and saw that the baby bird had tried to fly out of the nest, but during the night the momma bird had tied a string to her own neck as well as the chick's neck to keep it from falling out. Instead, the chick had hung itself off the edge of the nest and the momma was choked to death in the nest. The remaining chick was squawking for food.

2. I went to feed my finch, Darwin, and inside his little nest contraption there was an egg. Apparently he is a girl or a new species of hermaphroditic avian. A tiny bird-like creature popped out of shell. It was a cross between a dragonfly and a finch. I cupped it and brought it home and I was so afraid to squish it or have it drift off. I got it to my apartment and placed it in a cup. While off to look for a fishbowl, my brother inspected the creature and accidentally dropped it on the floor. It broke in half and its guts spilled out. I wasn't angry, because I knew it had no chance of surviving anyway.

The dream interpretation websites all agree--birds are a symbol of hope, freedom and imagination. A  bird in my home means I am dreaming of a new love. A dream of a bird dying means the end of all good feelings. So dreaming of dead birds in my home means that I should just put off relationships until I start dreaming of flight.


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