Friday, March 29, 2013

Judging an author by their sleeve picture

When does one become a novelist? Is it when they simply decide to be? Or is it not until they publish their first book?

 I have started a novel. Whether I finish it someday is a mystery.

 I have also been swallowing sub-par young adult fiction in an attempt to get 15 done before the end of the semester.

Carol's bi-weekly rants have given me a greater appreciation for the book industry. While I used to close the book after the last page, I now read the acknowledgements and the auther bio. These extra few minutes have led me to a sad conclusion; there are two types of young adult authors.

All of these women are successful (whether you like their writing or not). I have read their books (yes yes I read twilight) and admire each woman for a different reason.

The question becomes, if I decide to finish my book, what kind of ya author will I be?

Team Alpha: Wear makeup, put on clothes, brush hair, get nice photos taken, go out in public
JK Rowling
Stephanie Meyer
Veronica Roth

Team Beta: Don't wear make up, wear t-shirts, don't brush hair, use mug shots, stay indoors, eat my feelings

Suzanne Collins
Julie Kagawa
Carol Lynch Williams

I think being on Team Beta is one of the advantages to being an author. But do I really want to go there?


  1. I think Veronica Roth (who ever that is) is a nice balance- at least in this photo. Not overdone, and not underdone. Not vogue and not a mug shot.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I literally laughed out loud when I saw Carol's picture. Yes, I am sitting in the JKB alone. Yes, the random boy to my left did look over at me inquisitively.