Monday, March 18, 2013

Ms. Grumpy Gills

Sometimes, I go through periods of being really mean and cynical, one of which covered the last few weeks. Now that I'm back to being fairly level-headed, I feel I can go back and laugh at some of the things I said and did while I was grumpy. For instance, I once rolled my eyes at a comment someone made in a class. Big-time. She was not talking to me, nobody needed to see my annoyance at her ignorance, but I felt the need to express my distaste. I'm hoping my professor didn't see so that he can't link that eye roll to the sometimes incoherent answers I wrote on my test today, which I only studied an hour for (why come up with specific examples when you ramble on about imperialist America?)

Last week, while walking through the Wilk, a kid asked if I was going to the Hunger Banquet. I said no and he made some sound like "ah, why not?" and I turned around and pointed at him across the crowd and said "do not guilt people into charity" in a really weird low voice. I'm not sure why I did this, since I usually ignore these people, and he wasn't even guilting me, but that happened.

BYUSA elections also happened during this time, and two guys from my ward came by one night to try to get me to vote. After they listed off their friends' platform, I said the issues don't matter because BYUSA doesn't really do anything, and that voting is really just choosing whose resume you want to pad. Direct quote.

Now that I'm in a better mood, I think these things are kind of funny, but I'm afraid my few weeks of being crazy may have affected my reputation with people. I know a lot of people here at school and have quite a few students, so someone could have easily seen me accuse the booth kid. Also, I actually know the two kids from my ward who were just trying to help their friends, so that could make for some weird future conversations. I don't feel entirely bad about that one, though, because the guy they were campaigning for won, so...whatever.

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