Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Should you ever be in Glasgow...

Yes, you definitely should, Glasgow is awesome. So, when you are in Glasgow, be sure to pay a visit to the Kelvingrove museum. It has many features you would expect to find in any other museum, but also many charms that larger galleries lack. I think the best description I can give is imagine that all the Smithsonian museums were stuffed in one castle-like building, and that they didn't have a whole lot of money or acclaim, but a whole lot of Scottish good-humor. One of the main gallery halls has Sir Roger the elephant and some other animals, as well as an airplane. The hall of Scottish wildlife has a large pike head in a glass case (they aren't sure where the body went), a statue of a rare bird they apparently don't have a specimen of, and a haggis.
They also have organ recitals everyday, which you can hear through the whole building, providing a nice soundtrack to your museum-going experience. Many of the artworks are simply displayed along the hallway, and the only one I saw with a Do Not Touch sign was this one:
I only spent about an hour in the museum today, but I look forward to many returns. Srsly, this place is awesome. 

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