Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Wee Bit o' Scotland

I arrived in Scotland yesterday morning, and so far my main impression is that everything is tiny. Or "wee" as they might call it here, an assumption I am making based on dialect in one of the books I'm reading for class, not because I have actually heard anybody say that. The cars here are little, and even if they look roomy from the outside (like the taxi I took from the airport), somehow there is not much room inside. The hallways of the building I am staying in are small and labyrinth-like, my bed is actually just a cot. I went to take a shower today, and I could hardly lift my arms up and there was no way to have all of my hair be shampooed at once because there was no way to not be in the direct line of water. I am not sure how anyone mch larger than me could fit in the shower stall, nor do I understand how you can shave your legs. Which is why I brought tights. I went to buy groceries and discovered that all of the packages of food were small (and expensive), and that the store itself was very small. Even right now, the number of hours when the sun is down is very small. Here is a picture I took out my window at 10 last night:
Another thing that is rather small is the amount of words I understand when someone speaks with a thick Scottish accent. My new gal for this trip is no longer to come back with an accent, but to be able to understand one. 

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