Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Day I Realized I was a Homegurl


      1. Your crushes' girlfriend
      2.  Any girl that gets up in your business

        Jake and homegurl broke up: all is well and right in the world!
         I was going to hang out with Jake today but homegurl beat me to it.

You will not find this word in the Merriam-Webster, mostly because my roommates and I made it up. Or at least, we gave a new connotation to an existing word. But the more you apply it, the more you realize how useful it is!


I have a lot of homegurls in my life. Mostly because I have a lot of guy friends. And, call me possessive, but any girl they hang out with that isn't me is a homegurl.
Homegurls are the worst possible type of girl--they are not fun, cute, or even interesting--and yet your guy friend/crush likes them.
Homegurls make you feel horrible about yourself because you think, "he's into her? what does that say about me?"

The other day I had a shocking revelation of Siddhartha proportions.

To have a homegurl, you have to be a homegurl.

There have to be two girls in the equation, and you are both each other's homegurls.

I'm still reeling from all the implications of this discovery.

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