Friday, May 10, 2013

I Don't Get NPR

For a while I just set my radio on Scan, which was an interesting experience.  The lower numbered stations have hipster and classical music, then up through the numerous Top 40, all the way to the Spanish stations. Then one day while driving around Point of the Mountain, there was something relatively interesting on NPR, and I haven't changed the station since. These are my thoughts:

Did they ever provide news coverage that was better than what you can get from Yahoo News? I heard a story about a guy who died in a really fancy yacht race. Then they talked about what the race was. The last line was about prize money, and how participants would really need that money as the boats can cost $10 million. Really? They really need the money? In order to participate in such a sport, I think you pass the point of "needing money."

What is the deal with the random music they play between segments? Every now and then I think I recognize a song, but most of the time I think they just use parts of those songs predownloaded on Windows Media Player.

How come all their interviews are super short and all the sound bites they use sound like they cut off right before the person is going to say something insightful? They have 24 hours everyday to fill with talking, and yet it seems like they don't do a lot of real talking.

All this being said, I really like NPR's website. Which makes sense because the station kind of seems like the internet, on the radio.

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