Friday, August 23, 2013

No Touching!

Dear Produce People at Shoppers Food Warehouse,
I am excited that you are expanding the range of fruits you offer at your Burke location. However, due to the exotic nature of some of these fruits, your customers may unwittingly injure themselves if not warned of the intricacies of handling them. For instance, hypothetically, someone is walking down the aisle looking for a mango and happens to spy a pile of prickly pears. The customer is intrigued by the strange, monster toe shaped blobs, and considers purchasing one, just to try it. She/He can see that the large spines have been removed, rendering the cacti harmless, and she/he picks up and squeezes various specimens in an attempt to determine what makes a good prickly pear. As she places the chosen one in her cart, she feels a small stab. While inspecting the hide for the offending prick, she realizes her hands are covered in miniscule barbs and splinters. If I had known the risk, I never would have handled so many of the prickly pears, and I would not have to spend my days fruitlessly hunting prickle pieces embedded in my skin. I strongly recommend that you clearly label and describe the risk of touching such dangerous produce. And provide utility gloves.
Thank you for your time,
An Unsuspecting Customer

Handle With Care

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